Updating an Aircraft

///Updating an Aircraft
Updating an Aircraft 2017-09-11T03:59:29+00:00

Info and Concepts

As of version 2.57 you will have to use the Update popup window to change an aircraft’s current AFTTIS, AF Date, and AF Cycles etc.

From this popup you can enter either the totals directly or enter the additional since the last update to create the new totals.

Once completed and updated aerotrack will insert a new line in the “Operations History” tab panel as record of who made the changes and what the additional and new totals are.


The popup window will appear as soon as you click into any of the current details fields in the details view for in the maintenance scheduling section of aerotrack.


  1. Click on the button “Update this Aircraft”. This will pop the update window.
  2. Enter the additionals you want to add in the relevant fields and it will calculate the new totals.

OR enter the new totals directly; these will calculate the additionals for you.

  1. Once you have updated all the fields you require click the button “Update this Aircraft”. All calculations that use these fields such as the “to run” field will recalculate for the all components, AD’s and Inspections.


You will see the new line of information you have just entered in the “Updates History” tab panel. This is sorted by the date created in descending order.