Updating an AD to a new Amendment

///Updating an AD to a new Amendment
Updating an AD to a new Amendment 2017-09-11T03:59:28+00:00

Info and Concepts

New amendments are often added to the AD list from CASA and will replace the previous AD.

After importing the AD library, if an AD has been replaced by a newer amendment you will see its status change for “Current” to “Superceded” in the AD table in the maintenance scheduling section.

There are two options for handling this:

  1. You may want to keep the old AD in the maintenance schedule with its history, and add the new amendment with its own new history of use.
  2. You can upgrade the old AD to the newer amendment; the new amendment will take over all the history of the old AD.


The “AD Setup” tab panel in the maintenance scheduling section of aerotrack.


OPTION 1. Keep the old AD

  1. Change the superseded AD to Non-Recurring
  2. Type in completed detail for this. (Make some note of its change to newer amendment in the detail)
  3. Remove all recurring information such as interval, last completed etc.
  4. Add the New AD

OPTION 2. Update the Superceded AD with the newer amendment

  1. Select the AD that has been superseded. You will note that the tab panel detail below the table is now relevant to this selection.
  2. Click the button “Update to new Amendment”. This will pop a window.
  3. In the popup window click into the AD folder field and enter the folder name where you expect to find the new amendment.
  4. This will find the list of AD’s containing the new amendment. The record counter will tell you how many it has found.
  5. Use the scrollbar or the up/down arrow on your keyboard until you find the new amendment.
  6. Once the new amendment is listed check the “Select” checkbox on the right hand side.
  7. Click the button “Replace with the selected AD”
  8. This will pop a dialog asking you to confirm the upgrade, if correct click the “OK” button. This will replace the AD Code and Name, no other information that you have setup will be changed.


Log books that have used the old AD will not change.

Once an AD has been replaced with a newer amendment you can no longer view its .pdf. You can however view the .pdf of the new amendment.