Setup of Inspections

///Setup of Inspections
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Info and Concepts

In aerotrack, inspections are treated as a special type of AD; in fact they reside in the same table.

Inspections however can be freely typed and therefore named whatever you like.

Once created, the setup of an inspection is exactly the same as an AD.


The “Inspection Setup” tab panel in the maintenance scheduling section of aerotrack


  1. From the “Inspection Setup” tab panel, click the green “Add Inspection” button.
  2. A new line will be created in the table. A popup window will appear where you can enter the detail for the Inspection. You cannot edit the table directly
  3. Type the name of the inspection in the description field
  4. Add setup detail to the inspection as per the task: SETUP OF AD’S


As per the tips for setup of AD’s