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Info and Concepts

Once AD’s are added to each maintenance schedule, it is up to the maintenance engineer to read and determine the recurring type and detail for each aircraft.

When an AD is selected from the AD library, a copy is made from the library and attached to the maintenance schedule. It is to this copy that the engineer adds recurring and history detail. Using this technique it is possible to make variations of the one AD for different models/serial no’s of an aircraft without affecting the original AD Library.


The “AD Setup” tab panel in the maintenance scheduling section of aerotrack


  1. Select the AD you wish to setup from the table. Click the “Edit” button on the line of the AD you wish to edit.
  2. A popup window will appear. Select the recurring type from the drop down list. (You can use the .pdf preview button to read and determine its recurring type and interval). You will now see this type listed in the table above.
  3. If the AD is non-recurring enter the detail for when it was completed. (aerotrack will assume that entering anything here means the AD has been completed). If the non-recurring AD has not been completed leave this field empty. If completed you will see “Yes” entered in the table above.
  4. If the AD is recurring you will see recurring detail fields appear
  5. Enter the “monitor by” type from the drop down list
  6. Enter the recurring interval and last serviced info for the AD
  7. The “Due” and “To Run” Calculations will update based on the current AF details.


Once AD’s have been setup, you can review their summary detail in the tab panels: AD’s recurring and AD’s Non-recurring which is a much more useful and quick summary of each recurring type. You cannot edit this info in these tab panels this can only be done in the “AD Setup” tab panel

Use the .pdf preview as much as possible. This is much quicker than looking through books or using CASA’s web site manually to read each AD.

You can alter the copied AD’s name and add some relevant description if you wish. This is not possible in the AD library.