Link a Maintenance Item to a Component

///Link a Maintenance Item to a Component
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Info and Concepts

There will be some maintenance items that are applicable to fitted components that may move between airframes. It is possible to link the ADs, SB or Inspections that should move with a component so when a transfer is carried out the items also move. For this to be achieved the item must not only be linked but the counters must be linked to the component hours and not the airframe hours. The maintenance items must already exist in the Schedule before it can be linked to the component.


The maintenance items can be linked to individual components by opening the component window from within the aircraft schedule and going to the “Linked Maintenance Items” tab.


  1. Navigate to the required aircraft schedule and from the Lifed Components tab open the component you wish to change.
  2. Open the “Linked Maintenance Items” tab.
  3. Click the add a record icon to open the selection on Maintenance Items from the schedule.
  4. The maintenance item now appears in the table list of the component.
  5. Open the maintenance from the component table list.
  6. This item is now linked to the component but if it needs to be transferred with the component it must be calculated to the component hours and not the airframe hours. In the screen shot above the “Last Serviced” figure is in airframe hours.
  7. Te recalculate the item to component hours tick the “Calculate to Linked Component not AF” box and enter the “Last Serviced” figure in component hours.
  8. The maintenance item above is now linked to the component hours and shows the due figures in both component hours and airframe hours.

Transferring Components with linked maintenance items.

When a component that has linked maintenance items are calculated to the component is transferred the maintenance items will move with the component. The transfer wizard will show the user exactly what is moving during the process.

Open the “Linked Maintenance Items” tab to view the items that will be moved with the component.When the transfer is actioned the user is given a dialog window explaining the process that is about to take place.