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Info and Concepts

The lifespan component store is simply a list of all your lifespan components not currently on aircraft.

The component store is really a hybrid of functionality of your batch list and the lifespan components table of an aircraft. It contains information not only about the components lifespan details (TSO) but also its current bin location, batch information, and condition. The component store is fully searchable just like the batch and parts list. Double clicking a row in the store table will open the component card showing its lifespan details exactly like opening a component on an aircraft.

When transferring components off the aircraft for the purpose of repair or OH for example they are transferred to the component store using the transfer wizard (please review this task), which will also create a corresponding inventory record. Components in the store will bind to existing batches in inventory based on matching Serial# and Part#.

The component store can hold both single components and assemblies. Assemblies are a single entry (the master assembly part#) just like an single component. Assemblies however are easy to see since they are colour coded with a lighter shade of blue.  If you right click an assembly it will display a popup menu of items in the assembly. Selecting the component from the menu will open that component card.

From the lifespan component store you can bind components together to create an assembly and also disassemble items.

There are 2 ways of creating entries in the lifespan component store:

  • Transferring components from an aircraft to the store
  • Purchasing a new lifespan component and creating lifespan details.

Once you have a mature system with a full up to date lifespan component store, you should never have to create new component on an aircraft. You should already have this component listed in the store and you simply transfer the item from store to aircraft.

It is important to note that the lifespan component store and inventory batches are 2 different things, they are simply joined together by a matching part# and serial#. A part # is determined to be a lifespan component by ticking the lifespan component checkbox in the inventory detail form.


In the lifespan component store list view (under the Schedules option in the navigation bar)


To create an entry in the component store by transfer:

  • See the task ‘Transferring Components’

To create and entry in the component store from a purchase

  1. After receipt of stock and allocating batch # (GRN’s) to your receipted stock open the batch detail window.
  2. From this open window click the button ‘Create Lifespan Details’. The following checks are made before creating the entry in the lifespan component store:
    1. The part must be ticked as a ‘lifespan component’ in its inventory detail form.
    2. The part must have a serial#
    3. The part must have an on hand quantity of 1
    4. It must not already exist in the store


In the component store table if you have a component entry but have no batch information (bin location, batch #, condition) then you are missing a corresponding inventory entry and this should be corrected.