Duplicating AD’s and Inspections

///Duplicating AD’s and Inspections
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Info and Concepts

Setting up and creating AD’s and inspection for an aircraft takes a considerable amount of time as each AD and inspection needs to be reviewed and setup individually.

Once this has been completed however all or a selection of these AD’s and Inspections can be duplicated for other aircraft.

This is especially useful when your fleet contains multiple aircraft of the same type and your AD’s and inspections would be very similar, saving considerable time.

No last serviced information or service history will be duplicated.

WARNING – Even aircraft of the same model may require different variations of the same AD. It is up to the maintenance engineer to thoroughly review each duplicated AD and inspection for applicability and compliance.


The “AD Setup” tab panel in the maintenance scheduling section of aerotrack


  1. In the AD Table Check the “include” box for any AD’s you wish to duplicate. You can duplicate all by clicking the “Check All” button.
  2. Click the “Duplicate AD’s” Button
  3. A dialog will pop with various warnings (see above)
  4. Enter the 3 digit rego of the aircraft these AD’s will be duplicated to. If a maintenance schedule with this rego doesn’t exist you will have to create one.
  5. All “included” AD’s will be duplicated for the new schedule. No Service history will be duplicated.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for inspections

Error Checks

The 3 digit rego you enter in the dialog box must exist in a schedule.


You do not have to duplicate all AD’s for identical aircraft models to use this feature. Most fixed wing aircraft require some of the same general AD’s no matter what model.