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Info and Concepts

An assembly is a collection of lifespan components. These components are normally found together on the same location of an aircraft.  The purpose of creating an assembly is to assist in transferring the items to another aircraft or component store since you can transfer an entire assembly of lifespan components with a single transfer.

An assembly is different from the ‘groups’ used in the lifespan component setup since an assembly can span multiple groups or part of a group. You can view what assemblies you have created on the airframe by using the new assembly tree view in the components setup tab panel. This will show all assemblies in ‘collapsible’ nodes which when expanded show the individual assembly components.

Examples of assemblies would be:

  • PT6 turbine
  • Main Rotor Head

When creating an assembly you should always focus on what components will be moved in a transfer.

Once an assembly has been created you must select 1 of the components of the assembly to be master assembly part #. When transferring the assembly it will be known by this master assembly part#. When transferring the assembly to the component store it will be listed as a single part (the master assembly part#) and moved throughout inventory (for repairs, for example) as this single part. In the component store assemblies are colour coded a light shade of blue.

You can setup an assembly either on the aircraft or within the lifespan component store and then transfer the assembly onto the aircraft.


Component Setup Tab Panel with the aircraft detail form.

Lifespan component store list view.


To create an assembly on the aircraft

  1. Within the components table check the box to the far right hand side on each component you wish to be part of the new assembly.
  2. Click the button at the top of the table ‘Create Assembly’.
  3. This will open a window showing all the items you have selected for the assembly.
  4. You must now select one of the components to be the master Part# representing the assembly. Tick the checkbox to the far right hand side of this component. Only 1 item can be selected.
  5. When the window closes the assembly has been created and can be viewed in the assembly tree view.

To create an assembly in the component store

  1. You must have all items in the assembly viewable in the component store list and know the ID # of each component. To create these items please see the lifespan component store task. The ID # of each component is found in the component card window in the upper left corner.
  2. First open the component card that will be the master part# of the assembly.
  3. Click the button on the form ‘Create Assembly’ this will create an assembly and make this component the master part#.
  4. In the component store list this part will now be highlighted a light blue colour to denote that it is an assembly (with only 1 component)
  5. To add to the assembly right click this component and select the option ‘Add to the assembly’
  6. This will open a dialog window asking for the component ID # you wish to add.
  7. Enter the # in the field and it will then add the component to the assembly.
  8. Repeat this process as necessary for all items in the assembly.

To disassemble an item from an assembly

  1. Open the component card of the item you want to disassemble.
  2. Click the ‘Disassemble’ button
  3. The item has now been removed from the assembly.
  4. Repeat as required.


Occasionally you may have had to create a duplicate of a lifespan component in an aircraft because it may have had a life limit as well as an overhaul limit. You can bind these components as assembly since they will always be transferred together.