Creating a Maintenance Schedule

///Creating a Maintenance Schedule
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Info and Concepts

Each aircraft has its own maintenance schedule.

To each aircrafts maintenance schedule are add its related lifespan components, airworthiness directives, and inspections.

As the airframe details (time, days, cycles, and landings) are updated all the “to run” calculations are updated.


The maintenance scheduling list view


  1. To create a new record, click the new record button. Shortcut = Ctrl +N
  2. Enter the owner, rego, date built, and aircraft model
  3. Enter the aircraft type from the drop down list. This is important as the type of aircraft selected will produce/exclude options for that aircraft type.
  4. Enter the current details for the aircraft (see task 31. “Updating an Aircraft”)
  5. The last serviced info is typically created form the last worksheet completed.
  6. The maintenance release expiry must be manually entered.


If you enter the rego of the aircraft in the maintenance job section, it will link directly to that aircrafts maintenance schedule. This can be seen in the “Maintenance History” tab panel in the scheduling detail form.