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Info and Concepts

Since Aerotrack 4.1 you can create a maintenance release (MR) attachment consisting of all items due prior to the expiry of your maintenance release. This list is created from the worksheet tab panel per aircraft rego.

As there is only one maintenance release per job the details of the MR are held per job. This data is stored and can be viewed in the new “MR info” tab in the job detail form.

Unlike worksheets, the MR info is a single table containing all AD’s, inspections, SB/SL’s and components.  Each type is identified on the MR. The MR also brings through tolerance data that you have allocated per life span component.

You can print the MR attachment from within the job. This report can be customized.

After worksheet items are sent to maintenance release on the job this information can be further edited, added to and deleted from within the job (similar to how you can send log book entry information to a job and edit it from within a job).


The worksheet tab panel from within the aircraft schedule.

You can further edit the MR in the “MR info” table in the respected job.


Creating the MR Info and Sending to a Job

  1. Go to the worksheet tab panel per the aircraft.
  2. Use the “forward” fields to search for the worksheet list of Ad’s, inspections, SB/SL’s and components.
  3. You can exclude items from the MR by checking the “excluded” box in the worksheet list.
  4. Make sure the current job number is set correctly as the MR items will be sent to this job.
  5. Click the “Build MR Attachment” button.
  6. This will open a dialogue to confirm the current job number etc.

Editing the MR Info

  1. Go to the job register, enter the job detail form corresponding the your current job number.
  2. Go to the “MR Info” tab panel.
  3. This will now be displaying the full list of MR items.
  4. You can edit the item number, description, due date and tolerance info as required. NOTE: You cannot edit the type or monitor by.
  5. You can add AD’s, inspections and SB’s from your schedule by clicking the “Add item” button as required.
  6. You can add life span components by clicking the “add component” button as required.
  7. You can delete items by selecting the line and clicking the “delete selected line” button.
  8. Once items have been added or deleted you can click the “resort table” button. To renumber the items based on the following:
  • Hours – lowest to highest
  • Days – lowest to highest
  • Landings – lowest to highest
  • Cycles – lowest to highest
  • RINGS – lowest to highest


This is important as the MR will print based on the item number. The item number can also be manually edited as required to give you exactly the print sequence you require on the maintenance release attachment.

The MR attachment form is a customizable jasper report.