Building a Log Book Entry from a Worksheet

///Building a Log Book Entry from a Worksheet
Building a Log Book Entry from a Worksheet 2018-08-28T07:19:17+00:00

Info and Concepts

There are two ways to construct a log book entry:

  • Manually creating a new log book entry from within a job in the ‘Log Book Entries’ tab panel, see the guide on building a logbook entry from the job.
  • By clicking ‘Build Log Book Entry’ button from within an aircraft schedule’s ‘Worksheet’ tab panel, as explained below.

The advantage of building a log book entry from within the aircraft schedule is that you can automatically include all the maintenance items and their task codes from the worksheet list. Since you are always building a log book entry after worksheets have been completed, you can include the ‘Action Taken’ text from the worksheets into each maintenance item and incorporate this into the log book entry.

The print format of log book entry you select is important as it determines the formatting of the log book printout. You can set the default format in the ‘System Administration > Preferences’ section, although you can change the print format of each log book entry individually.

  • An ‘Expanded’ format will show each maintenance item and each part on their own line. This format is much easier to read, but takes up a greater amount of room on a printed page.
  • A ‘Condensed’ format shows maintenance items and parts in their own block of text. This format is much harder to read, but takes up less room than the ‘Expanded’ format.

A log book entry can contain unlimited number of independent inspections.


The ‘Worksheet’ tab panel in the aircraft schedule detail form


Adding ‘Action Taken’ text to your Maintenance Items

  1. Construct the worksheet list as per usual
  2. Click the ‘Edit’ icon to the far left of the maintenance item. This will open a window for that item where you can add ‘Action Taken’ text.
  3. Repeat as required.

Creating the log book entry

  1. Ensure that the ‘Current Job #’ in the schedule header has been updated correctly.
  2. Click the ‘Build Log Book Entry’ button. You will get a dialog explaining this feature. You have an option to create the log book entry with or without the ‘Action Taken’ text as entered above.
  3. A new log book entry will appear in a window with a unique log book #. It will automatically include all maintenance items that were listed in the worksheet table with their respective task codes. If you have chosen to include the ‘Action Taken’ text this will also be included.
  4. Enter a title, date, expired MR and type.
  5. Enter the signatory name from the drop down list. These names are created within ‘System Administration > CASA > Signatories’
  6. The license # will be automatically added as setup in the CASA tab panel
  7. Complete the “Summary” and “Additional Work Carried Out” fields.
  8. You can optionally add rectifications to the ‘Additional Work’ text by clicking the ‘Add Rectifications’ button. This will open a window displaying all completed rectifications (created within the aircraft schedule) for that aircraft for that job. Check the box to the far right of any rectifications you wish to add & click the ‘Add Included Selections’ button.
  9. After saving the log book entry can be manually edited in the job as per usual.


To quickly move to the current job holding the newly created log book entry, click the blue arrow next to the ‘Current Job #’.