Adding Airworthiness Directives

///Adding Airworthiness Directives
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Info and Concepts

AD’s are added to each maintenance schedule manually. It is up to the maintenance engineer to read and determine the applicability of each AD for each aircraft.

When an AD is selected from the AD library, a copy is made from the library and attached to the maintenance schedule. It is to this copy that the engineer adds recurring and history detail. Using this technique it is possible to make variations of the one AD for different models/serial no’s of an aircraft without affecting the original AD Library.


The “AD Setup” tab panel in the maintenance scheduling section of aerotrack


  1. From the “AD’s Setup” tab panel, click the “Add AD’s” button
  2. A pop up window will appear from the AD library, this will be empty.  You must search for applicable AD’s.
  3. Click in the AD Folder field, this will drop a list of available folders and will type-ahead for you.
  4. Once you have entered the folder name from the type ahead and tab out of the field it will show all the AD’s for this folder.
  5. Aerotrack will search for this folder and show all relevant AD’s. The number found will be in the record counter (top right). No cancelled AD’s will be listed.
  6. You can use the .pdf preview button here to read each AD and determine its applicability to the aircraft. If it is applicable click the “include“ check box on the right side of the AD line.
  7. Repeat step 6 as required for all relevant AD’s. in this list
  8. When you have “included” all relevant AD’s from this folder, click the “Add AD’s” button.
  9. Repeat Steps 3-6 to add AD’s from different folders. You will typically need to add at least the AD’s from the AF specific folder, AF Gen folder, ENG Gen folder, Prop Specific, and Prop General Folder.
  10. Close the Pop up AD Library Window
  11. You will see the AD’s you have added listed in the table. The count if the AD’s is in the lower right underneath the table.
  12. See the tutorial “Setting up AD’s”


Use the .pdf preview as much as possible. This is much quicker than looking through books or using CASA’s web site manually to read each AD.

You can alter the copied AD’s name and add some relevant description if you wish. This is not possible in the AD library.

If the AD you have added is found to be not relevant, you can delete it from the table by selecting it and clicking the “delete” button