Linking a Job or Invoice to a Sales Quote

///Linking a Job or Invoice to a Sales Quote
Linking a Job or Invoice to a Sales Quote 2017-09-11T03:59:24+00:00

Info and Concepts

Once a quote is ‘Accepted’ you can create a Job or invoice from it. By creating a job or invoice from within a quote you will automatically link these records to the quote. You can then see the quote details at any time from within these records from the ‘Quote Details’ tab panel. This helps to compare what was quoted vs what is actually happening on the job/invoice.

You can create multiple jobs or invoices from a single quote if you require. A record is kept of every job and invoice you have created from within a single quote.

The quote details tab panel viewable from within a Job or Invoice is read only. If you need to change the quote details this must be done from within the quote.


The Sales > Quotes detail form in Aerotrack.


  1. Click either the button ‘Create a Job’ or ‘Create an Invoice’.
  2. You will be shown a dialog to confirm the action.
  3. After creating the record you will be shown the new job/invoice so as to edit the record.
  4. If you navigate to the ‘Quote details’ tab panel you will see the full quote details in read only format.
  5. If you click button next to the Quote # you will be take back to the quote.
  6. Back within the quote there is a tab panel called ‘Jobs & Invoices’, here you can see all jobs and invoices created from within the quote and a ‘Go To’ button to quickly drill down to these records.


You can create multiple invoices and jobs from the 1 quote however if they are for a different customer you should always duplicate the quote first, change the customer details, then link to the new records.