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///Creating a Sales Quote
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Info and Concepts

Sales quotes are generated for a customer to give them an idea (either exact or as close as possible) as to the sales prices of a job or parts sale they would be charged.

Sales quotes can be generated within Aerotrack to:

  • give your company and idea of margin of a job or parts sale
  • a permanent record of quotes for reference and reporting (% success rate for example)
  • a tool to compare what was quoted compared to what actually was entered for a job
  • a tool to compare what was quoted compared to what actually was entered for an invoice

Quotes can be printed and emailed the same as a Sales Invoice.

The status of quotes are:

  • Open
  • Accepted
  • Rejected
  • Cancelled

On creating a quote the status will default to ‘Open’.

Some quotes can be quite long and complex to generate all the details for cost and charges, and many of these quotes may be very similar with minor variations. To help with this you can duplicate a quote and then make any changes you require to the new quote.

Quotes are generally (not mandatory) given an expiry days value eg. 60 days. Aerotrack will therefore generate an expiry date (quote date + expiry days). In the list of quotes you will also see a column stating whether the quotes has ‘Expired’ or not.

The line items you can add to a quote can be of the following types:

  • Parts (always added manually)
  • Inspections
  • AD’s
  • SB/SL’s
  • Rectifications
  • Lifed Component


The Sales > Quotes list form.


  1. Click the ‘New’ button. Shortcut = Ctrl +N
  2. A window will pop up, for you to confirm that you want to create a new Sales Quote.
  3. When you click ‘Yes’, a new Quote will be created and default to an ‘Open’ status. The Quote # will increment by one from the previous quote (this is non-editable). The date of the quote will default to the current date and can be modified.
  4. Enter the customer name for this quote. You are allowed to enter any customer name here including names not from the list (since they may be new customers). You will not however be able to create a job or invoice from a quote unless they have a customer record under companies.
  5. You can also enter a value into ‘Your Ref’ if required.
  6. To start entering line detail for the quote, click the ‘Add Line’ button above the line detail table. A new line will be created.
  7. Enter a task code if required.
  8. Enter the part #, this is a type-ahead field linked to part #’s from the inventory table. To use a value in the drop down list you must highlight it first then use the ’Enter’ key which will place that value in the field. Unlike other sections of the software you can however type any value in the item code field (since a lot of the time you will want to enter text).
  9. Once an item code is entered, the description, and average cost will be auto entered. If there is no average cost the last cost will be entered, if there is no last cost this field will be empty.
  10. In the lower left corner of the form ‘Selected Item Info’ will show you the on hand quantity and its ‘Item Type’ eg. Parts, Inspections, AD’s, Lifed Component, Rectifications. This can be changed as required.
  11. Enter the quantity and then cost if different from the last cost. The line total will be calculated.
  12. To create a new line you can
    • Click the green arrow ‘Insert Line’ button to insert a line in the current cursor position, or
    • Click the ‘Add Line’ button to add a new line after the last line in the quote, or
    • When the line total is highlighted hit the ‘Enter’ key twice on your keyboard.
  13. To delete a line that is not required, click on the line to be deleted, then click the ‘Delete Selected Line’ button. This will pop up a window for you to confirm that you want to delete the selected line.
  14. To move a line up or down within the quote, click on the line, and then click on the ‘Line Up’ or ‘Line Down’ button.
  15. Repeat as required until you have entered your purchase order in full.
  16. In the ‘Customer Details’ tab the default contact for the customer will be pulled through with the address details of the Main address. If you want to change the contact, click on the contact. A full list of all contacts for that customer will be available in the type ahead list. Select the correct one to get the appropriate details to be pulled through. The appropriate address can be selected from the dropdown list.


The tab key will move you through the line detail fields, shift + tab will move you backwards.

When printing a quote you can choose for the line items to sort by the display order onscreen, by task code, or by sub-summarised by item type. Please try all 3 options to get the desired look you require. All quotes can be customised if required.

If you click in the description of a particular item line it will show you the on hand/on order quantities for that part in the bottom left under the line table.

If you want to go to a particular item in inventory from a quote you can do this very quickly by clicking the blue arrow icon to the left of the item code you want. This will take you into inventory for that item code.

Once prices are entered they will set last, batch and average costs (if a bill). You can see this by visiting the inventory section for an item on the ‘Pricing’ tab panel.