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Tools by Category

This report is group by tools category and sorts by category, item description and item code. This report is useful when you need a categorized list of tools with their respective part number, ID, serial number, last calibrated date, the next due date and to run hours.

Tools by Owner

This report is group by owner and sorts by category, item description and item code. It searches by owner name with an option to filter by base.

Tool Detail

This report requires a tool id number to search. It outlines the detailed description of the selected tool id, calibration history details, job usage details and any notes taken.

Calibration Forecast

This report is useful to determine the tools with calibration due in the next number of days specified in the search.

Tools Used by Job

This report requires a job number. It outlines the details of tools used on a specific job.

Job History by Tool

This report shows a tool’s job history details. It requires a tool id to search with an option to only show history within the date range period.