Sending parts to a Job

///Sending parts to a Job
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Info and Concepts

Aerotrack assumes 2 types of purchases for inventory or sub-contract parts:

  1. The parts are for a specific job and will not go anywhere else but this job
  2. The parts are for stock on the shelf in your store. These parts will be pulled from the store at some point in the future and may be used in multiple jobs.

If the part is for a specific job this job can be listed in the line detail of the purchase. Since aerotrack knows this job # it can automatically assign these parts to these jobs including quantity, actual cost, batch information, and description (e.g. serial numbers).

Aerotrack will deduct parts from inventory when these parts are sent to a job.


The purchase detail view form in aerotrack.


  1. Once the purchase is completed and its status is a ‘Bill’, click the button ‘Send Parts to Jobs’ in the upper right hand of this form. Please ensure that all items have a job #. For stock items this would be ‘S’.
  2. After processing, the current date will be entered in the field to the right of the button ‘Send Parts to Jobs’. This field is non-editable and is useful as it is a reference for when this process was done.

Error Checks

Aerotrack will check for the following when you run this process

  1. The Status of the purchase must be a ‘Bill’
  2. The job #s listed in the line detail of the purchase must be identical to job #s in the job register. If they have not been created yet you will need to create them first.
  3. That this process has not already been done. If you were to run it twice you would reduce your inventory twice!
  4. You cannot send parts to a locked Job.


If you want to buy the same part # for both stock and a particular job you will need to create 2 lines in the purchase.

Remember, you can buy parts for multiple jobs and for stock on the one purchase. Aerotrack will split these for you and assign these to their related jobs.