Repair Orders

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Info and Concepts

Repair orders are created when we are sending a component away for repair or overhaul. This module allows the organisation to keep track of items that are away.


Repair orders can be created by right clicking on the component in Component Store or from the Actions menu in the GRN window.


Returning the ‘US’ item from the job.

  1. Make sure the inventory part that we will be repairing is a listed part # in your inventory and it is ticked as a “Lifed Component ” in the inventory detail screen.
  2. Find the job on which this ‘US’ component was removed from the aircraft. Click into the detail of this job.
  3. In the ‘Parts Used’ tab panel you usually display a list of parts sent out of your inventory to a job. We are however getting a part back from this job, so add a line to the job and enter the part # and a GRN that you wish to receive it under. Which batch Ref. (GRN) you use is part of your numbering system, but typically you could also use in this case the job # followed by the task number.
    • Example: Job number is “ABC12000” GRN would be ABC12000-003.
  4. In the quantity “IN” column enter “1”. You will receive a warning dialog stating that this is a lifed component and asking you to enter batch information after saving the record. This will also allow you enter the Serial#, Condition (US), and bin location (e.g. Quarantine) of this batch.
  5. You now have inventory (1) of this part. Please see screen shot below for an example of how this looks on the job.

Transferring the component from the schedule into the Component Store

  1. Go to the Maintenance Control module and open the related aircraft schedule.
  2. Locate the component to be removed and right click on it to view the options menu.
  3. Select Transfer Component to start the Transfer Wizard and follow the instructions to bring the component into the Component Store.

Creating the Repair Order

  1. In the Component Store locate the item that was transferred from the aircraft.
  2. Right click and select Create repair.
  3. It should be noted that the item does not have to be in the Component Store to create a repair order, it can also be created from the Actions menu of the GRN record in the Inventory.