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Info and Concepts

The Training Events section is designed for training courses run by the company for staff members or for training provided to multiple staff by external organisations. The end result of a training record is the update of a crew recency item so please refer the section on crew recency for guidance in setting up a corresponding recency code.


The Training Events section can be accessed under the Personnel menu.


  1. Open the Training Events table view via the menu item under the Personnel section.
  2. Use the add a record icon to create a new training event record.
  3. In the header record enter the details of the training event.
  4. The Training Categories can be selected from a populated list in the controlled list section under the System Admin menu.
  5. In the Default Recency field select from the drop down list the recency code that is to be updated from this training event record. This must be created in the recency setup to be selected.
  6. Using the add a record icon select the staff members who will be attending this training event and click OK to add them to the list.
  7. Enure that the recency code has been assigned to all staff members chosen. If the default recency code does not appear in the column for any crew member it means that they do not have that code on their file. It must be added to continue
  8. Use the licence field to record details of formal certificate number obtained from this training and the notes fields is also available to record further information.
  9. Use the Linked Document tab to upload information related to the training event such as a copy of the training notes or syllabus.
  10. When all relevant data has been entered click the renew box for each crew member who has successfully completed the training and use the “Process Recency Renewals” button to update the individual crew members recency file with the dates of the training course carried out.
  11. This has now added a record to the crew recency, of this was a renewable recency the dates have been reset and the date for the next training required has been forecast.
  12. Lock the Training Event to ensure that no further alterations can be made.