Recency Setup

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Info and Concepts

A Recency is an item that must be completed or achieved by the staff member according to regulations or company requirements.

Recency items can be renewable or non-renewable (one off items). You can set a renewable interval period and a warning period to start emailing users that the recency item is within the warning period.

Recency items are categorised for easy filtering and can also be broadly classed as mandatory or non-mandatory.

Recency items are setup within System Administration and therefore you will require access to this section for their setup

Examples of recency are –

  • CASA Maintenance Engineer Licence
  • Drug and Alcohol pre-employment testing
  • Drug and Alcohol 30 month recurring training.
  • Education qualifications including OEM training.
  • Company specific re-training requirements.
  • SMS – company induction requirements.
  • CAO 20.11 annual training for engineering staff that may fly with the aircraft.


Recency items are created and managed from with the System Administration – Recency Setup tab.


1. From within the System Administration section click on the “Manage Categories”. The following window will be displayed allowing the administrator to create and edit the categories.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.30.05 AM

Categories are used to group together like recency items. When a “Category” is created here it will be available in the drop down list when creating or editing a recency item.










2. To add a new recency item click on the “Add line” icon.  Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 12.31.05 PM

3. Enter the Category from the drop down list, and create a new recency code. The code should be a short version of the description. Add a description that accurately defines the recency item you are adding.

4. In the “Options” section tick the “Mandatory” check box to indicate that the item is required for currency. An item is mandatory if it stops the staff member from continuing with their role. An example of a mandatory item might be an internal authorisation that an engineer is required to have to sign out an aircraft. A non-mandatory item does not stop the staff member from working, for example if an engineers forklift licence has expired he or she can still work on aircraft. The mandatory check also ensures that the recency item is included in the email notifications and warnings.

5. Select the “Solution” where the recency item will appear. If your organisation has both Aerotrack Workshop and FlightOps the recency codes can be shared across both packages.

6. If the item is to be renewable set the “Recency Details”,  check the renewable box and enter the Interval Type (either Days or Months) and enter the interval period in the units previously defined. If the item is non-renewable this section can be left blank.

7. The “Notification Details” section is used if Aerotrack is required to email the user when the item is coming due for renewal. Tick the “Notify” check box and set the warning period. When an items renewal date falls within the warning period Aerotrack will notify the following people by email –

  • The staff member to whom the recency has been attached.
  • Staff members who have access to the records of the department and who also have “Email Notify” checked against their user account in the user setting section.
  • Staff members who have “Email Notify” checked against their user account in the user setting section.

The notification setting will also warn the user of the renewal requirement when they login to Aerotrack. This warning will continue to show at login until the renewal is updated.

8. Recalculate Renewal Details – if the interval for an existing recency item changes you can use this feature to update the recency code as well as the recency items attached to individual staff members. Change the interval first and then click the “Recalculate Renewal Details” button, this will change the interval in all the corresponding personnel records.

9. Email Setup – the email setup function creates a template for the email that is sent to staff members when a recency item falls within the warning period. There are two templates to be created, one for the initial warning and one for the reminder email. These two can be toggled using the Template drop down list. It is important to note that the “Enabled” check box must be ticked in order for the email template to be activated.

Set the “From” email address, the email will appear to have come this account. If there is a user name with this email address within Aerotrack the email signature will be used from their user account. Enter the subject line for each template.

The body of the email is created by entering text and pulling values from the variables shown below.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 3.38.34 PM

Click on the value and drag it into the body of the email to complete the message.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 4.08.26 PM