Transfer a Schedule

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Info and Concepts

There are occasions when an organisation needs to transfer an aircraft maintenance schedule from one Aerotrack tenancy to another. If both organisations are on the same Aerotrack version this can be easily carried out. The instructions for transfer shown here are applicable to all tenancies on the MRO 2018 version.

It’s important to note that this transfer does not remove the aircraft schedule from the originator but creates a copy of the schedule to be imported in the receivers tenancy.


The export of the schedule starts from the actions menu within the Configuration tab panel. You will need to know the Aerotrack company PIN and a valid user email address of the company to which the schedule is being sent.


Exporting a Schedule

  1. Open the aircraft schedule to be exported.
  2. On the configuration tab panel open the Actions menu and select “Export This Schedule”
  3. You will need to enter the Company Pin and a valid user email address of the organisation to which the schedule is being sent.
  4. Click Export Schedule to begin the transfer, you will be asked to confirm the details at this point. This is all the sending party needs to do. An email will be sent to address you have entered informing them of the export.
  5. Click the “Click Re-export” box to stop the receiver sending the schedule to any other Aerotrack customer.
  6. From the Table view of the aircraft schedule page you can use the Actions menu option of “Show Exported Schedules” to view a list of all exported aircraft. This also shows when the receiver has imported the schedule

Importing a Schedule

  1. The receiver will get an email from Aerotrack informing them that a Schedule has been exported and that is ready to be imported into their tenancy.
  2. Go to the Aircraft Schedules table view page and from the Actions menu select “Import Schedule”
  3. This opens a window that displays available imports as well as schedule previously imported.
  4. Highlight the schedule to be imported and click the Import button at the bottom of that window.
  5. The schedule import will begin, when it’s completed the new aircraft registration will show in the schedules list view.