Create a new schedule

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Info and Concepts

To setup a new aircraft on the system a blank schedule must be created and then populated with the aircraft information.

This is done from the table view of the aircraft schedule page.


The table view of the aircraft schedules is accessed from the Maint Control menu.

Walk Through

  1. Open the aircraft schedules page from the “Maint Control” menu.
  2. Click on the icon to create a blank schedule.
  3. Enter the registration of the aircraft, this should populate the aircraft header data. (Except for the Owner and Operator)
  4. Go to the Actions menu on the schedule page and click on Configure Counters. This is where you need to list all the counters that will be required to track the components and maintenance items on the aircraft.
  5. Add a blank line and click in the Counter field to view the list of available counter names. Add all those required for the aircraft type. Click “Save & Close” to return to the schedule.
  6. The counters need to be assigned to the corresponding components, this can be done as the components are added to the aircraft. Start with the airframe. Double click on the airframe line in the configuration window to assign the airframe counters. Note: Hours and Days will automatically be assigned to the airframe.
  7. Add any extra counters as required. Click “Save & Close” to return to the schedule.
  8. This is a good time to enter the current hours of the aircraft schedule. Click on the Update Aircraft button to open the update window.
  9. Enter the totals in the Total column for each counter and enter the current date in the Days counter line.
  10. Click Update Aircraft with New Totals to continue.
  11. You can now proceed to enter components and maintenance items or you can use the Copy Configuration function to copy the items from another aircraft or Template.

NOTE: It is important to note that every aircraft must have at least one component that has the DAYS counter against it for the maintenance items to calculate correctly.

If the schedule does not have a component with DAYS as a counter the user will receive a notification when the aircraft schedule is updated.