Component Transfer

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Info and Concepts

When a component is removed from an aircraft we need to remove it from the aircraft schedule in Aerotrack. The component is transferred from the aircraft schedule into the Component Store, from there it can be sent for repair or exchanged.

If a component is the parent of an assembly all the sub-components and maintenance items that are attached will also move into the Component Store. A component that is part of an assembly can also be transferred on its own.

When a component is removed it leaves a blank spot in the Slot Configuration, this ensures that the aircraft cannot be updated until the slot configuration is either saved again or completed.


The transfer begins from the Configuration tab of the aircraft schedule. Locate the component to be removed and right click to open the options menu. Select “Transfer Component” to begin the process.


  1. On the Configuration tab within the Aircraft Schedule locate the component that you are going to transfer off the aircraft.
  2. As shown in the above screenshot right click on the item and select “Transfer Component” from the menu.
  3. Confirm the item to be transferred and click OK to start the wizard.
  4. Select the date that component transfer was carried out.
  5. Confirmation of all the items being transferred is now required, click next to confirm and continue.
  6. The next window show the counters on the item and the current TSO and or TSN. Click next to proceed.
  7. Enter the details of the job on which the removal was carried out. All fields here are mandatory. If you do not know the task number click the magnifying glass to open the list picker, this shows the task descriptions.
  8. The transfer checks to see if the item has already been brought into inventory on that job, if it has the inventory movement box will inform you of this. If it has not been brought into stock the transfer will bring the item into inventory.
  9. Enter the GRN and other details to complete the transfer. We recommend that you use the job number and task number as the GRN to provide traceabilty back to the workpack.
  10. The Transfer Note field is available to store further details about the removal as required.
  11. Click the ‘Transfer Component” button on the bottom right to make the transfer.
  12. The Transfer report is available to view, it is also automatically saved in the linked documents section of the component card.
  13. The item is now in the Component Store.
  14. The Slot Configuration of the aircraft schedule now has a vacant slot that was occupied by the item.
  15. You can view the slot configuration from the Actions Menu in the configuration tab panel.
  16. When we transfer the replacement item onto the schedule from the component store we will select this open slot to complete the slot configuration and therefore allow us to update the aircraft hours etc.