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Info and Concepts

Once an aircraft schedule has been created you can start adding the components and maintenance items that need to be tracked. This is done in the Configuration tab panel of the aircraft schedule.

There are five types of items that can be added to an aircraft schedule in the Configuration tab panel –

  • Components – Items that have a Life Limit or an Overhaul Limit, also items that are On Condition.
  • AD – An Airworthiness Directive as mandated by the NAA of the aircraft type.
  • SB – A Service Bulletin as issued by the manufacturer of the aircraft or component.
  • Inspection – A required maintenance task that must be carried out at set intervals as mandated by the OEM.
  • Modification – An STC or EO that has been added to the aircraft after manufacture.

Items can be attached to the airframe or they can be attached to another item. A component can have a sub-component attached forming an assembly. That assembly can have maintenance items such as Inspections, ADs, SBs and Modifications to it. An assembly can have another sub-assembly attached underneath the parent component.

Maintenance items can be attached to the airframe or to any component anywhere in the structure, they cannot be attached to each other.

NOTE: It is important to note that every aircraft must have at least one component that has the DAYS counter against it for the maintenance items to calculate correctly.

If the schedule does not have a component with DAYS as a counter the user will receive a notification when the aircraft schedule is updated.


All items types are added in the Configuration tab panel of the aircraft schedule. To access the menu right click on the airframe line or the component to which you are attaching the item.