Power Checks

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Info and Concepts

Power Checks carried out on turbine engines can be recorded and printed on logbook entries. This requires the parameters of the power checks for each engine type to be configured in the System Admin module. Once the power checks have been setup they can be accessed via the logbook entry and recorded against the engine. From within the engine component in the Schedule you can access all the power checks that gave been carried out and export them all to a csv file.


Power Checks are added to logbook entries in the turbine engine tab.

The setup is done in the System Admin section under Controlled Lists in the Power Checks tab.


Setting up power checks

    1. Go to System Admin > Controlled Lists > Power Checks
    2. Add a line into the Engine Models table and enter the model number for the applicable engine.
    3. Check the Target box to add a new column on the print out for the target figures.
    4. Select where you want to print the power check, either on the logbook entry or as a separate attachment.
    5. In the Power Check section add the parameters and their corresponding unit of measure.
    6. The export header and export sort fields are used when you export multiple power checks to a spreadsheet.
    7. The common field can used on a twin engine aircraft when one field is the same for both engines.
    8. The Result Sets section can be used of the engine requires multiple sets of results recorded. eg: one set of results at ground idle, another at 50% and another at full power.
    9. The engine type must also be selected on the engine component in the Schedules module.
    10. Open the applicable aircraft schedule and open the engine component card.
    11. Go to the Power Checks tab and select the applicable engine model from the drop down list.

Recording Power Checks

Power Checks are recorded on a logbook entry within a job.

    1. Create a turbine engine logbook entry in a job.
    2. In the Detail tab check the box marked “Print Power Checks”
    3. Go to the Turbine Engine Details tab, select the engine serial number from the drop down list.
    4. Select the Engineers name from the drop list and click the Record Power Checks button.
    5. Enter the values as recorded.
    6. This will now show the power check when the logbook entry is printed.