MR Attachment

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Info and Concepts

A Maintenance Release Attachment contains all the maintenance items and life limited components that are going to fall due in the next MR period.

Instead of hand writing these items onto the current CASA Maintenance Release it is possible to print out the Aerotrack MR Attachment instead. Please remember that you may need CASA approval for your MRO to do this.


The MR Attachment is created from within the job itself. You should see a tab panel in the job labeled MR Info.

Please note that because we are adding scheduled tasks the current Worksheet Tasks must be completed before we create the MR Attachment. This ensures that the aircraft schedule is up to date.


  1. Go to the MR Info tab on the job.
  2. Open the Actions menu and select Add Items
  3. This opens the Worksheet Tool window.
  4. You can tick off the items that you wish to add to the MR Attachment or you can use the Actions Menu to “Find and Check Due Items”.
  5. Once you are happy with the selection of items use the Actions Menu again and select Add Checked Items to MR.
  6. On the MR Info screen you can now use the Auto Number Items option from the Actions Menu to number out these tasks.
  7. Using the green plus or the red minus signs you can add a new line to manually enter a new line or to leave a blank line. The page will hold 25 lines so if you have 18 tasks it’s a good idea to add seven blank lines to allow for manual data entry later on.
  8. Make sure you have the number of the MR that this form is going to be attached to in the MR# Issued field.
  9. Save and print the form.