Managing Job Tasks

Managing Job Tasks 2019-05-12T23:35:05+00:00

Info and Concepts

The work pack can be managed from the Worksheet Tasks tab, here the user can add more tasks as well as manage existing tasks. From within the Worksheet Tasks tab the user can print the worksheets before or during the job and also enter the information to complete the tasks and mark them as completed. The information entered here will then go on the create the log book entry.


On the job under the Worksheet Tasks tab.


A new job can be created in the job register using the icon in the job register table view.

See the guide section on creating a work pack for instructions on how to raise a work pack from within the job.

When the tasks have been created and sent to the job they will appear in the Worksheet Tasks tab.

Each task can be opened in this tab to enter the action taken and to mark it as complete.

The Notes/Analysis field is available for the engineering team to record any information regarding the task, this is useful if there is a shift change.