Creating a work pack

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Info and Concepts

When an aircraft requires maintenance, either scheduled or unscheduled, it’s common practice to prepare a work pack for the work to be detailed and certified. If the work to be carried out is scheduled the work pack can be created using the information held in the aircraft schedule under the maintenance control module.

The work pack can also be created directly from the job, in this section we will cover a walkthrough of both methods.

Walkthrough of creating a work pack from the aircraft schedule

  1. When an aircraft is booked in for maintenance the first step is to raise a new job to issue a job number that will hold the information for the work required. See the guide on creating a job for more on this.
  2. Once the job is setup and linked to the aircraft registration the user can go to the aircraft schedule and select the current job to start a workpack.
  3. On the aircraft schedule page click the “Current Job #” to select the correct job.
  4. Double click on the correct job to make it the current job on the schedule.
  5. Once the aircraft arrives the current time in service numbers need to be updated so the workpack can be accurately produced.
  6. On the aircraft schedule open the “Update Aircraft” window and enter the addition hours, landings etc
  7. Once the aircraft TTIS has been updated you have an opportunity to enter any defects that have been identified by the flight crew and reported to the maintenance provider.
  8. Go to the Defect tab and use the add new defect icon to raise a new defect within the system.
  9. This defect can now be added to the work required when the workpack is created.
  10. Open the Worksheet Tool tab to start creating the workpack.
  11. The Worksheet Tool tab shows all inspections, ADs, SBs, components and open defects in the schedule.
  12. The user can manually select the items that will be included in the workpack by ticking each item down the right hand side.
  13. Alternatively open the Actions menu and select “Find and Check Due Items”
  14. In the Filter Counters window enter the limits for which you wish to search.
  15. Click “Find & Check Due Items” to search for all items that fall within the criteria entered.
  16. A dialog box informing the user will display showing the numbers of each item that has been found and checked.
  17. These items will now have a tick in the “Include” column of the page. This means that they will be included in this workpack.
  18. Now we must link these chosen tasks to the current job number. Open the Action Menu and choose “Create Job Tasks for Checked Items”
  19. This open a dialog window letting you know how many tasks are being transferred to the job.
  20. Click “Create Tasks” to complete this operation.
  21. Open the Worksheet Tools tab, this can opened from within the aircraft schedule or from within the job itself.
  22. This tab now shows a list of all the chosen tasks and gives the user an opportunity to sort them in the order that is required for printing the workpack.
  23. Open the Actions Menu and select “Sort Tasks”, the options for sorting will be displayed.
  24. Tasks can also be sorted manually, click on a task to highlight the line and use the up and down arrows next to the Action Menu to move that line up or down as required.
  25. Once the list is sorted as required open the Actions Menu and click ‘Auto Number Tasks”. This adds a task number to each line.
  26. The work pack can now be printed, first tick all the tasks that you wish to print using the tick boxes on the right hand side.
  27. Open the Actions Menu and select the document that you require.
  28. See the next section of the user guide for more information on managing the workpack process during the job here.

Walkthrough of creating a work pack from the job

The work pack can be created and printed directly from the job. The advantage of this is to allow the engineering staff the ability to create and print a work pack without giving them access to the aircraft schedule.

  1. Open a new job from the job register.
  2. If required update the aircraft hours as in step 6 of the previous method.
  3. Open the Worksheet Tasks job on the job.
  4. Click the add a record icon to add tasks the job.
  5. Select the Scheduled Item option, this opens a window showing the scheduled items from the aircraft schedule.
  6. Here you can use the “Find and Check Due Items” or you can manually tick the items that you want to add to the work pack.
  7. On the Worksheet Tasks tab select the items that you want to print and use the actions menu to access the print feature.