Completing a Workpack

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Info and Concepts

Once a job has been carried out and all tasks have either been completed or transferred to the MR /Tech Logs the job tasks can be completed. The action of completing the tasks on a job will update the aircraft schedule and re forecast the maintenance items for the next due.

There are two levels of task completion. The first is from within the task card itself and the final stage of completion is the action that updates the aircraft schedule.

This section of the user guide will instruct you how to action the final stage of completion, for details on completing an individual task refer to the section on Managing Job Tasks.


The final stage of completion is done from the Actions menu in the Worksheet Tasks tab.


  1. Open the job from the job register and go to the Worksheet Tasks tab.
  2. Ensure that the job is completed and all tasks either have a completed date and LAME name or that they have been deferred.
  3. The Completed column should have the date that it was actually carried out and it should show in orange.
  4. On the right hand side of the tab there is a tick box for each item. The user can click the green tick to check all the boxes, this means that all tasks have been carried out and will be re forecast.
  5. We recommend that the user manually checks each item and then ticks the box to complete. This may avoid any errors by completing a task that was not actually carried out.
  6. When the required line items have been ticked go to the Actions Menu and select the Complete Tasks option.
  7. This opens the Complete Worksheet wizard.
  8. This shows the current values for all counters on the aircraft schedule, these values can be changed as required or you can roll back to an historic value using the Select Historical Date button in the bottom left.
  9. This screen also has a tab where you can confirm the items that are to be completed.
  10. When you’re happy with the data click Complete Worksheet.
  11. This function shows the user the counter values one last time. There is no undo function for this action so we give the user two opportunities to review the counter values.
  12. Click Confirm to update the maintenance items with the last done value and the system will calculate the next due in the schedule.
  13. The Completed column now shows in green to confirm that the item has been finalised.
  14. In the aircraft schedule the tasks that have been complete now have the job details listed in the Task History tab.