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Info and Concepts

The maintenance control module in Aerotrack 2018 has been updated to deliver more flexibility of the aircraft configuration to the user. The system is capable of creating and managing multi level assemblies and there are no limits on the number of counters that can be added to a component.

New Aerotrack customers from July 2017 will have started on the new system but existing customers will need to convert their aircraft, Templates and the Components Store to the new version. Read more about how to convert your aircraft here.


The new system has many advantages over the previous version, the major differences are in the maintenance control module. The configuration of the aircraft can now be expanded and the system can handle multiple levels of component assemblies. This allows sub-assemblies to be transferred on and off the aircraft with ease.

The new 2018 system also has an expanded number of counters available, these counters can be assigned directly to a component and if that component is transferred the counters go along with it.

One of the major changes in MRO 2018 is that there is no longer two separate run out lists, all items are treated as maintenance items and this means that there is one list showing the time to run on inspections, ADs, SBs as well as life limited and overhaul components.

Another of the major changes to the MRO 2018 version is the ability of the software to deal with the AW139 penalty factors. These aircraft have many penalty factors that revolve around the wind speed at start up and shut down, the operation of external loads including hoist lifts through to the weight of the aircraft during operation. Aerotrack MRO 2018 is capable of calculating the penalties on these component using the updates entered by the flight crew after a flight.