Linking a Document to a Record

////Linking a Document to a Record
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Info and Concepts

The real power of the document library comes from linking an imported document to a particular record in the software. For example:

  • Import a maintenance manual and link it to an aircraft
  • Import a budget spreadsheet and link it to a job
  • Import a ARC PDF and link it to a purchase or batch
  • Import a service bulletin PDF and link it to that particular service bulletin on the aircraft
  • Import a JPG file (graphic image) of a wiring diagram and attached it to a life span component

You can assign unlimited documents to a particular record. By default when you open a document from within the linked record, it will automatically open the last version of this document.


In the link documents tab panel for any record.


  1. Click the “link to existing document” button.
  2. This opens a window allowing you to search the library for the document you want to link to.
  3. You can either search for category/file name or both.
  4. Fill in either of the search fields and click the “search” button.
  5. This will display a foundset of records.
  6. Check the link box on the far right hand side of the document you wish to link to (YOU CAN ONLY LINK TO ONE DOCUMENT AT A TIME)
  7. Click the “create document link” button at the bottom of the dialogue.
  8. You will see the new link in the table and its details including number of versions. If you want to open the file click the “open file” button. NOTE: this will always open the last version of the document.


If you wish to open previous versions of a document double click the link which will open the document masters, where full details of previous versions can be seen and reads and read-requests.

Also in the master document you can see all links that have been created to the record