Assigning Read Requests

Assigning Read Requests 2017-12-15T05:21:26+00:00

Info and Concepts

Once a document or a new version of the document has been imported in the library, you can assign a “Read Request” to the document.

When you assign a read request to the document you can assign a users name/s. On that users next login to the Aerotrack client they will receive a pop up dialogue noting that they have documents in the library awaiting their review.

The user can then navigate to the document library and easily search for all documents they have been asked to review.  When the user opens the file they will receive a message asking them to confirm that they have reviewed the document as requested.

When you create a read request you can assign specific notes to the read request including specific instructions as to what needs to be reviewed.


In the Libraries section under the Documents menu.

In the document detail record go to the Read Requests tab.


Adding a Read Request

  1. Click the “add a request” icon
  2. Enter any notes you wish the user to see regarding the read request in the “Request Details” section.. This may include specific instructions on what part of the document needs attention.
  3. Check the tick box to the right hand side of users you wish to review document. You can select multiple users at one time.
  4. Click “add selected requests”. This will create the requests in the underlying table.  NOTE:  In the read request table there is information on who requested the review for who and whom and when the request was made.
  5. When these user log into Aerotrack they will notified that there is a document awaiting review. They can choose to ignore the request at that time but the notification at log in will continue until it has been closed out.
  6. When the user reads the document they will be shown another dialog window asking them to confirm that they have read and understood it’s contents.
  7. A record of this is held in read request panel of the document, the date and time is recorded next to the users ID to show evidence that it has been read.

Completing a Read Request

  1. You can easily search for all read requests using the documents search tool.
  2. Double click the document to enter the document master record.
  3. Go to the read request panel.
  4. In the requested fore column you will see your username.
  5. Click on the “open file” button which will open the document and will also give you a dialogue asking you to confirm that you have reviewed the document as per the read request notes.
  6. When you select the request confirmation the date time of the confirmation is inserted in the read date time column.