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Info and Concepts

Task Templates are designed to be used for the overhaul of components where the same set of tasks are carried out in the same order every time. Tasks Templates are setup in the job sections and rely on having one or more associated component parts number. When that parts number is added to a component job the used can import the tasks from the template into the Worksheet Tasks tab.


The Task Templates can be accessed from the jobs menu.


Setting up a Task Template

  1. Click on the green plus icon to add a new Task Template
  2. Give the template a unique code and the description of your choosing.
  3. In the Worksheet Tasks tab add the tasks and use the arrow icons to arrange then in the order required.
  4. Use the Actions menu to add task numbers after the tasks have been sorted.
  5. It is also possible copy additional work tasks from a previous job into a task template. Use the Actions menu and select Copy Additional Work Tasks.
  6. Once tasks have been added you must add the applicable components for this task template.
  7. Open the Applicable Components tab and use the green plus icon to add a blank line.
  8. Enter the part number of the applicable component. This part number must exist in the inventory and must be ticked as being a Lifed Component.
  9. Add linked documents as required, this may be instructions or pictures etc. Any linked documents will be copied over to the job when the task template is imported.

Importing Task Templates into a job

  1. Create a new in the job register, ensure that the job type is one that allows an ARC to be completed.
  2. In the Parts Used tab bring the applicable component into stock on the job.
  3. The item will need a GRN and serial number entered when it’s in stock.
  4. On the line item check the box on the far right labelled as “Comp”. This indicates that this is the item to be repaired or overhauled.
  5. This will open a dialog asking if you would like to run the Task Wizard.
  6. Click “Run Wizard” to begin.
  7. Select the applicable task template using the check box. This is done as there may be more than one task template applicable to that component.
  8. Select the tasks to be added individually or use the check all tick at the top.
  9. Click the Add Tasks button to complete the wizard.
  10. These tasks will now be available in the Worksheet Tasks tab of the job.