Job Types and Job Checks

////Job Types and Job Checks
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Info and Concepts

Each job created in Aerotrack requires a job type, this allows the organisation to breakdown the jobs and drill down for reporting purposes. The job type also controls which tabs the user is shown on the job screen and the checks that need to be ticked off from within the Job Checks tab.

You should also visit our video tutorial on Job Types and Job Checks.

Job Types

A Job Type can be added or administered through the System Admin > Controlled Lists > Job Types section.

  1. To add a new Job Type click on the Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 12.31.05 PM icon, a blank line will be created in the table.
  2. Enter the new name as required.
  3. By default the quote, MR Att, and the LBE tick boxes will be checked. This means that those tabs will be available within the job.
  4. If you require the ability to create an ARC (Form 1) on this job type then check the ARC box as well.
  5. This new job type is now available in the drop down list on the job screen.

Job Checks

The series of job checks relates to one job type, this is the list of checks that are required for that particular type. This gives the operator the ability to customise the list of job checks and control the workflow of the job. It also gives the functionality to stop a user moving to the next step of a job if the previous step has not been carried out and checked off the list.

  1. Highlight a line in the Job Types window and the corresponding Job Checks are displayed in the Checks window on the right.
  2. Use the Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 12.31.05 PM icon to add a new line item to the list and name it as required.
  3. Use the sort column to number them as required.
  4. Tick the sequential box to ensure that the box cannot be ticked until the preceding item has been checked off. In the example shown above the worksheet cannot be checked off as being passed to tech records before the coordinator has checked it off as being signed.
  5. Tick the required box of each line that you would like to be mandatory on the job. This means that a job cannot be marked as complete until that check box has been ticked.