Creating A Release Certificate

////Creating A Release Certificate
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Info and Concepts

For each job you can create multiple release certificates. On each release certificate you can list multiple major components.

The print format for these release certificates is a CASA format.

The ‘Certificate Type’ you select is important as it determines the formatting of the printout. There are two certificate types:

  • Manufactured
  • Return to Service


The job detail form (Components/Certificates tab panel)


  1. Create a new release certificate by clicking the “Add a Release Certificate”. This will open a window containing the new certificate entry.
  2. Enter the Form Tracking #, Work order ref., Type and signatory info. The signatory drop down list is setup from the CASA Tab panel in “System Administration”.
  3. In the Components tab panel click the button ‘Add a Component Item’. Fill in the relevant fields as required in the line created.
  4. Only components checked as ‘ARC’ will be printed in the released certificate. You can print to 6 components on a release certificate.
  5. Enter remarks and engineering data in the ‘Remarks/Engineering Data’ tab panel.
  6. Enter delivery information in the relevant fields in the ‘Delivery Info’ tab panel.
  7. To print the certificate you close the certificate window, highlight the line in the table and click the printer icon above the table. This will print whichever certificate has been highlighted in the table.

Adding Worksheet Data to a Component Item

  1. To any component that has been added in the certificate entry click the button the edit icon to the far left of the required component line.
  2. This will open a new window, where you can enter worksheet data for that particular component.
  3. Fill in the relevant fields as required.


You can search for the components within a release certificate using the find function from within the maintenance jobs section.