Copy Tasks

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Info and Concepts

For some job types there are a set list of of tasks that are going to be carried out in the same sequence each time. This is often an overhaul or painting job where the same tasks are done each time.

Aerotrack allows task lists to be copied from one job to another which saves the manual data entry of the task list when theses jobs are created.

It is also possible to setup a job number that acts purely as the template for these job types. This allows for the workflow to be managed and altered as required and then copied out to a new job with ease.


Tasks can be copied from one job to another from the Worksheet Tasks tab in the job.


  1. Create a new job for the tasks to be copied to.
  2. Go to the job that holds the tasks that you wish to replicate.
  3. In the Worksheet tick the tasks that you wish to copy of use the green tick and plus icon to select all the tasks.
  4. Using the copy icon as circled below start the copy process.
  5. You be given an explanation of the process, click OK to continue.
  6. Enter the new job number that you created in step one and click OK to copy the selected tasks to the new job.
  7. Navigate to the new job and you will this task list in the Worksheet Tasks tab.