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Info and Concepts

When a tenancy has been setup as Multi Base the organisation may wish to send stock between the bases. The Stock Transfer module allows users to keep track of these stock movements as well keep a historical record of what has been swapped.


The Stock Transfer menu is accessed via the Inventory menu. The system must be set to Multi Base for this to be accessible.Walkthrough

  1. To raise a new Stock Transfer click the add new record icon from the Stock Transfer list view.
  2. This will create a new transfer with a status of Open.
  3. From the drop down lists select the origin and destination bases.
  4. Enter the dates of shipment and estimated arrival date. There are also fields for notes and transport reference data.
  5. Click the add a new record icon in the main window to start entering the parts that are to be transferred.
  6. Once a part number is added click the GRN/BATCH button to select the batch that will be sent. If not all parts within a batch are to be transferred you will need to use the Split GRN’s function to break apart the batch into separate locations.
  7. If the batch needs to be splits go to the Split GRN’s tab. Add a new line and enter the part number and GRN/Batch number that you are sending.
  8. To split the batch enter the quantity that you wish to transfer in the Out QTY column and enter the price.
  9. Add a new line and enter the same part number, open the GRN window and manually enter a new GRN for this new batch. We recommend using the same number with an identifying suffix to show that it has been transferred while maintaining trace ability back to the original batch.
  10. Enter the quantity that are being assigned the new GRN, it must be the same as the quantity used in the previous line.
  11. The newly created batch is now available to be transferred.
  12. Once all the line items for the transfer have been entered and sent the status of the stock transfer can be changed to “Shipped”. Click the status button in the header record and follow the instructions to change the status to “Shipped”. These stock items are now tagged as being at the base or TRXF.
  13. A Stock Transfer document can be printed from the print icon to accompany the goods in transit.
  14. When the items arrive at the receiving base they must be booked in and recorded as received. To process to items open the stock transfer record and confirm the quantities received by entered the figures in the received column. The Bin Location can also be updated at this time.
  15. To change the status to “Received” and book the parts into the new base click the Status button and follow the instruction to complete the transfer. Add the received date and lock the record before saving.