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Info and Concepts

Aerotrack’s inventory management is all about tracking batches of inventoried parts. These parts are identified by a batch reference e.g. GRN, FTA, Tracking no. etc. An ‘onhand’ batch will have an on hand quantity of 1 or > 1.

A serial numbered part, however is a batch unto itself. IT IS ALWAYS A BATCH OF ONE.

We therefore require unique batch reference against each serial numbered part. This is generally the case except when you are purchasing multiple serial numbered parts of the same part # on the same purchase order.

The advantage of entering serial #’s as described below is:

  1. Aerotrack will automatically insert the serial # for you when adding the part to a job without you having to remember the serial #; you only need the batch reference (e.g. GRN).
  2. You can search directly for serial #’s in the batch list.

This task is also directly related to the task ‘Receipting of Stock Items’


The purchase detail form


Buying a Serial Numbered Part

  1. Enter the line in the purchase as usual. When you receive the part # enter the batch reference (e.g. GRN).
  2. Click the “GRN Detail” icon to the right of the ‘GRN’. This will show the ‘GRN detail’ window of the batch.
  3. Enter the serial # into the serial # field.
  4. Close the pop up window.
  5. If you are buying multiple serial numbered parts of the same part # in the one purchase order, make sure you split these into a separate line for each and also split the batch reference (e.g. GRN) so it is unique to each of these serial numbered parts.
  6. For example if the batch reference (e.g. GRN) for the entire purchase is BOA1000 you would split this into BOA1000-1, BOA1000-2, and BOA1000-3. You only need to do this for the serial numbered parts and only if they are the same part #.

Consuming a Serial Numbered Part on a Job

  1. Enter the line in the job or stores entry as usual.
  2. As you enter the Batch ref. for this part # (e.g. GRN) it will automatically assign in the serial # into the description field for you without having to remember it.


You can see the serial # of each batch of parts you are holding. Go to the inventory detail form, in the batches table there is a column marked “Serial #”