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Info and Concepts

The purpose of the requisitions function is two fold:

  1. A simple paperless system for hangar/workshop staff to request parts so the purchasing officer can order these for stock or a job. Staff can also review their previous requisitions to determine their status.
  2. The purchasing officer can open a purchase order and then open the requisitions window which will show all outstanding (status = “Open”) requisitions. These can then be “click and dropped” onto the underlying purchase order saving data entry. The status of the requisition is automatically altered and PO information is added.

There are 3 types of status for a requisition

  • Open – Newly created requisition that has not been added to a PO yet.
  • Actioned – Status of a requisition once added to a PO or changed by purchasing officer for other reasons.
  • On Hold – Changed by purchasing officer if the requisition may be over a long period of time.


  1. ‘Inventory > Requisitions’ list.
  2. On the purchases detail form – ‘Requisitions


Creating a Requisition

  1. Enter your name in the ‘Your Name’ field from the drop down list at the top of the table.
  2. Click the ‘New’ buttonScreen Shot 2015-12-09 at 12.31.05 PM . You will get an error if you have not already entered you name as in step 1 above.
  3. This will open a dialog asking you to select either a requisition for a ‘Single Item’ or ‘Kit Item’. If you wish to requisition a kit, please see task ‘Kit Requisitions’
  4. Select whether you require the parts for a job or for stock holding. If a job the aircraft rego and job description will appear.
  5. Enter the part #. The usual supplier, item description, quantity on hand and order will appear.
  6. Enter the quantity you require, date required by, urgency and any notes for the purchasing officer to review.
  7. If more items are required for the same job they can be added by clicking the Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 12.31.05 PM at the top of the item list.

Reviewing Previous Requisitions

  1. Enter your name in the ‘Your Name’ field from the dropdown list at the top of the table.
  2. This will list all your requisitions. ‘Open’ requisitions will be at the top of the table.
  3. This table view is sortable and you can visit a requisition in detail to alter it/delete it etc. if its status = “Open” by clicking the blue arrow to the left of the line. ‘Actioned’ requisitions are read only.

Adding Requisitions to a Purchase Order

  1. In purchases detail form click the ‘Requisitions’ button. This will open the requisitions window and show you only “Open” requisitions.
  2. Select the part #’s you wish to add to the underlying PO by clicking the checkbox.
  3. Click the button “Add checked items to current purchase”. These items will automatically be added to the PO, their status changed to “Actioned” and a note added with information about the action (PO# etc.)
  4. You can still manually “Action” (e.g. replaced by an alternate part) and then adding a manual comment.
  5. “Actioned” requisitions will no longer appear when you open the requisitions window again.


All requisitions are searchable by part #, job, status, usual supplier, urgency, creation date range or any combination of these.

To make multiple requisitions for the same job use the “Duplicate this Requisition” feature. This will create a new record and will carry over the job number, date required and the urgency fields. Add the the part number from the drop down list and enter the quantity to complete the requisition.