Reading Inventory Transactions

///Reading Inventory Transactions
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Info and Concepts

Part transactions are the result of transactions from the purchases, maintenance jobs, sales, and adjustments sections. All these transactions for a given part # come together in the ‘Transactions’ tab panel in the inventory detail form. You cannot create these transactions here, they are the result of records elsewhere and are simply listed here in one single form.

All pricing data for parts transaction are in the base currency (AUD).


The ‘Transactions’ tab panel on the inventory detail form.


  1. Find the relevant part # you wish to see the transactions for using ‘Quick Find’ or ‘Find’ dialog.
  2. Open the tab panel marked “Transactions”
  3. All transactions for that part # are listed here. The last transaction is at the top of the table.
  4. All the headings in this table are sortable. Clicking the heading will sort the column in ascending order, clicking it again will sort in descending order.
  5. If you find a particular transaction and want to view the source transaction from the original form, double-click the row in the table. This will take you to the source transaction on its original form.


This screen is useful in reading all inward and outward transactions of a particular part #.