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Info and Concepts

For the purpose of this task a “batch” refers to each group of a part # you want to individually monitor and is normally determined during purchases. Examples of other terms for “batch” may be:

  • GRN
  • Batch REF.
  • REF.
  • Tracking No.
  • FTN
  • RRN

As there seems no consistent term in the aviation industry for this batching term you can set the name as you prefer in the ‘System Administration > Preferences’ tab panel.

Aerotrack will not only count the on hand quantities for each part # but it will also count the on hand quantities of each batch of each part #. In fact, inventory totals and average costs are always calculated from that part’s batches, not directly from within the part #. This feature not only gives information on what is available for each batch of each part # but will also list the transactions for each batch, thereby providing full traceability of that batch. As opposed to reading the transactions of a particular part #, which will show all transactions for that part #, reading the transactions from within the ‘Batch Detail’ form only shows the transactions related to that batch.

This feature is “live” and is continually updated/recalculated as batch transactions are made.


Batch details can be viewed in 3 ways:

  • From the ‘Batch List’, double-click a line to enter the ‘Batch Detail’ form
  • From the ‘Inventory Detail’ form, the batch table in the ‘More Details’ tab panel
  • The pop-up ‘Batch Detail’ window. This can be opened from within purchases, sales, adjustments and jobs by clicking the ‘Edit’ icon next to the batch reference in the line detail.


  1. From the batch list form, double-click an entry to enter the ‘Batch Detail’ form.
  2. To see the transactions for a particular batch, open the ‘All Transactions’ tab panel. This provides for full traceability for that batch.


Note you can also enter serial no and bin location info on the ‘Batch Detail’ form.