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Kit requisitions allow you to rapidly create requisitions for all or part of the kit list in a window. This can be much faster than creating single requisitions for each part # as well as simply identifying the parts required for the kit (saving errors listing wrong part #’s).

Obviously we require the kit to be built first, please see task ‘Creating Kit Components’

Importantly these kit requisitions after creation appear in your requisition list as normal along with your other previous requisitions. You can delete/edit these as per normal.


The ‘Requisitions’ list form


  1. Click the “New” button to create the requisition.
  2. You will be presented with a dialog asking to create a ‘Single item’ or a ‘Kit Item’ requisition. Click “Kit Item”
  3. A window will appear to complete the kit requisition. Enter the job #, kit part #, notes, urgency and date.
  4. The list of parts within the kit will appear in the first table below, as you select a line in the first table the available inventory per batch will appear in the table below this.
  5. For each part belonging to the kit, enter the quantity you wish to obtain from your stock holding and the quantity you wish to be purchased.
  6. When this has been completed for all parts that you require for the kit, click the button in the top right corner “Create Requisitions”.
  7. This will create all the requisitions for you and add them to your listing. You can edit delete these just as you would any other requisition.