Creating Alternate Parts

///Creating Alternate Parts
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Info and Concepts

Alternates for a part # are those that can be used as a replacement or interchangeable for another part and identical in function.

For each part # listed in inventory you can have an unlimited number of alternates. These alternate parts need to also be listed as part #’s in your inventory.

As you probably want all the alternate parts for any part # listed for every other alternate part in that group, aerotrack can do this automatically, saving a lot of data entry.

Once alternates have been listed for a part #, when using a part # in purchases or requisitions, you will receive a dialog stating that alternates exist for this part # & to show the details of the alternates, including their on hand balances.


The “Alternate Parts” tab in the inventory detail form


  1. From the “Parent” part # click the green “Add Line” button. This will create a new line/ entry for the alternate part
  2. Enter the part # for the part you want list as the alternate for the “parent”.
  3. The current on hand quantities for the alternate part will show (these are live counts), if not click outside the table to update it.
  4. You can enter notes for the alternate part.
  5. To create the vice-versa transaction i.e. list the current parent part as the alternate item; click the “Create” button. You can then see this by clicking the “go to selected item” button. You will see the previous parent item now listed as an alternate part.


You can enter as many alternate parts for each parent as you require.