Stock Takes

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Info and Concepts

Due to a variety of potential data entry errors stock variations may occur between the Aerotrack stated ‘stock on hand’ quantity and the actual quantity on the shelf. To correct these variations we use inventory adjustments to create an inward or outward movement of stock to make the ‘stock on hand’ quantity = actual count.

It is important to note that adjustments are the only place where these variations/corrections can and should be entered as purchases, jobs, and sales data should always be absolutely factual with their data.

Please note the following with regards stock adjustments:

  • You have to enter an adjustment value of quantity in or out, not the count
    • eg. Stated on hand value for a GRN is 5 but the count is 6. Stock adjustment is quantity 1 ‘IN’
    • eg stated on hand value for a GRN is 20 but the count is 18. Stock adjustment is quantity 2 ‘OUT’
    • Stock adjustments are always batch (GRN) related ie they must always refer to a batch.
    • Stock adjustments are always a positive value eg do not enter -1 in the ‘IN’ column to decrease stock, instead enter 1 in the ‘OUT’ column.

Stock adjustments can also be used for other purposes such as the initial import of stock into the database on creating your file. The other important use of stock adjustments is to ‘split’ a batch (GRN) if needed to move stock between bases if a partial batch shipment is required. This is often necessary as a single batch cannot exist in 2 different bin locations.

Stock Takes

There are various ways of carrying out a stock take, both use the adjustment section. One method requires direct data entry into the adjustment and the second method uses an exported spreadsheet from the “Batch List” and an import into an Adjustment.

Stock Take by Batch Extract

Stock Take by Bin Location