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Info and Concepts

Adjustments are used to correct stock levels when a discrepancy is found in the inventory system. This may be during a stock take or during the course of general business. All adjusted quantities, whether in or out, will change inventory levels. For this reason Aerotrack has an adjustment validation feature which allows an adjustment to be raised and data to be entered but it will not affect the inventory system until it has been validated. The validation procedure allows oversight of the adjustment system, by only giving validation permissions to authorised staff members the process is more tightly controlled.

To turn the validation system on within Aerotrack go to the System Administration section under the Preferences tab. Here you will see the “Adjustments Security” section as displayed below. Click the box “Require Validation:” to enable this feature.

The Application Manager can then add the permission to validate an adjustment in the User Admin section.

See the user guide section on creating a new adjustment for further information on adjustment validation.


If an adjustment is created by a user that has validation permissions only a different user who also has the correct permissions is able to validate that adjustment. Therefore a user cannot validate an adjustment that they have created.

The status of an adjustment will be either “Valid” or “Invalid”. If the validation feature is in use the status of a newly created adjustment will be “Invalid”, when a user with the necessary permissions approves the adjustment it will be changed to a status of “Valid”. Only when it is changed to a valid status will the inventory records be updated.

If the validation feature is not is use the status of a newly created adjustment will be “Valid”. In this case the data that is being entered will take effect in the inventory records immediately.