Xero – Importing data into Aerotrack

///Xero – Importing data into Aerotrack
Xero – Importing data into Aerotrack 2021-03-15T04:43:01+00:00

Importing Data from Xero into Aerotrack

After successfully integrating Aerotrack with Xero, the user can easily retrieve information for purchase accounts, sales accounts, tax rates, customers, and suppliers. This example will show how tax codes pre-configured in Xero can be easily imported into Aerotrack.

  1. Navigate to SYSTEM > company details > Accounting > Xero Settings.
    1. Xero must be selected as the choice of software from the dropdown list.
  2. Navigate to Xero Data Import > Actions Menu > Import Desired Option.
  3. Check off the selected lines you wish to import.
  4. Hit add selected data.
  5. Purchase accounts, sales accounts and tax codes will appear in the SYSTEM > company details > Accounting screen while suppliers and customers will be imported not COMPANIES > suppliers and customers, respectively.