Xero – Exporting Purchases and Sales

///Xero – Exporting Purchases and Sales
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Exporting Purchases and Sales to Xero

When does Data Sync Occur?

Pushing data from Aerotrack to Xero is a manual process for the user. The steps for this are outlined in the How to Push Data to Xero section.

How to Push Data to Xero?

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders can be pushed to Xero with the click of a single button but firstly some key criteria must be met:

  • The purchase must have a tax code and currency assigned.
  • The purchase must have a status of “Bill”.
  • The purchase must have a supplier invoice #, invoice, and payment due date.
  • Each line item must have an account and tax code.

When these conditions are met a “Xero” button will display at the bottom of the purchase order. Clicking this button will start the data sync to Xero as depicted in the screenshots below.


The posted purchase order can then be viewed in Xero.


If the data sync between Aerotrack and Xero, a dialog will appear explaining what information is missing and / or the reason for failure.

Sales Invoices

Pushing sales invoices follows the same workflow as data syncing purchases.

How do I reconcile Data Synced to Xero?

Invoices and orders can be easily reconciled by simply re-exporting the invoice / purchase to Xero.