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If the “Multiple Base” box has been checked in the company details screen this tab will be accessible. In this section the user can user can add additional locations within the organisation. This feature is useful for recording the physical location of stock, aircraft, staff, tooling and other assets.

Each base must be assigned a “Base code”, we recommend a four letter code such as the ICAO code of the airport where the base is located. This code will used to display the base in many tables throughout the system.

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To add a new base click the add a new record icon Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 12.31.05 PM, create the new base code and enter the details of the location.

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Stock Transfer Base TRXF

One of the advantages of the multi base feature is the ability to transfer stock from one location to another and see the progress of the transfer. For this to work correctly we have a base setup with the base code as “TRXF”. This now becomes the base identification for stock items that have been sent from one base and have not yet been processed and received at the second base.