Company Defaults

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Your Company Details

The company details screen is where the information about the tenancy holder is recorded. These details are used to populate the company details throughout the system. Sales, Purchase Orders and all reports take this information to show in the headers of documents.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 11.11.40 AM

If the organisation has more than one location the “Multi Base” feature can be switched on by checking the box on this screen.

This page allows for entry of multiple contacts within the organisation, enter the information as required.





The addresses entered on this page are used for the headers of the Purchase Orders and Sales. The head office address will be used as the header address and if the organisation is not multi-base the street address becomes the send to address.

The details entered into the “Contact Sales” area will be used for the Aerotrack Market. If this information changes the user can enter the new details and click the “Market” button. This will alter all the records currently in the market and update them with the new contact information.