Audit Templates

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Info and Concepts

The first step in setting up an internal audit schedule is to create an audit template. The template holds the details of the audit including the recurring period and the checks that must be done when the audit is carried out.

Once a template is created the user must create the first iteration of the chain, this will then automatically roll out future audits as time passes. Each time Aerotrack opens, the software checks to see if any new audits are within the next interval and it creates them for the user. This ensures that a rolling 12 month schedule is always available.


The audit templates are accessed under the Compliance tab in the left hand menu.


  1. Open the Audit Template register from the main Compliance menu.
  2. To add a new audit template click the green plus icon in the top right area.
  3. Create a new audit code. This must be a unique code to identify the audit. Once an audit is created from a template this audit code cannot be changed.
  4. The Auditor and other fields here can be left blank as they may change for each instance of this audit.
  5. Set the recurring interval. The warning days field is used to send chosen users an email with notification of the upcoming audit.
  6. Checks can be added to the template by clicking on the green plus icon.
  7. You can add as many checks as required. Make sure to number them in the order you require or use the auto number once all the checks have been added.
  8. To create the first audit in the series use the Actions menu in the top right and select Create first iteration. This adds the new audit to the audit register and Aerotrack will then create further iterations in line with the recurring interval that has been set.