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Info & Concepts

Many organisations run an Approved Supplier program which ensures that parts purchased for their aviation businesses come from suppliers that have undergone an assessment process and found to be a reliable, trustworthy source of products. The approval process is carried out by the Quality Manager or a delegate and usually involves the completion of an Approved Supplier application by the supplier themselves. If the suppliers application is approved the company can be added to Approved Supplier Register and purchases can be processed by the Logistic Department. The majority of approval programs require a review process to be carried out at predetermined intervals to ensure the supplier still meets the standards required for them to remain an Approved Supplier.

The Aerotrack supplier evaluation process sets the supplier with an “Evaluation Status”, this can be in one of six states.

  • Not Evaluated – when a supplier has not been processed through the Approved Supplier program.
  • Pending – when the supplier has been issued with an application or the Quality Manager is assessing the supplier.
  • Approved – when the assessment has been carried out and the supplier has been added to the register.
  • Expired – when the renewal date for approval has passed and reassessment needs to be carried out.
  • Not Required – when the Quality Manager or delegate decides that approval for a supplier is unnecessary.
  • Failed – when the supplier has failed the assessment process and a decision is taken not to buy from this company.


The Supplier Evaluation tab is located in the Companies module under the Suppliers tab.

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The evaluation status, renewal date and the days to run until renewal for each supplier is shown on the main table view. This view can be used to view the next supplier review required by sorting the list by the “Days to Run” column.



The evaluation tab is located in the supplier record and the dates entered here will change the status of the supplier accordingly.

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When a new supplier is created the “Evaluation Status” of that supplier will be “Not Evaluated”.

When the application or assessment form is sent the user updates the record with the date in the “Form Sent” field and the status is set to “Pending”



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When the application is returned and the assessment carried out the results are recorded in this section. If the supplier is to be approved the user enters the date of approval in the “Form Lodged” field, this changes the status of the supplier to “Approved”. Aerotrack will prompt the user to enter a date for the next evaluation as well as reminding them to upload evidence of the assessment and supporting documentation.


If the Quality Manager or delegate decides that a supplier does not require evaluation they can check the “Evaluation Not Required” box. This allows purchase orders to be raised against the supplier without any blocks or warnings. If the supplier does not meet the quality expectations of the organisation they can be marked as “Failed”, this records that they have been assessed and have not passed the assessment, they are not to be used.

When a user creates a new Purchase Order within Aerotrack the supplier record is accessed to check the evaluation status of the supplier. Aerotrack will warn the user if the status is “Not Evaluated”, “Pending” or “Expired”. This is by a notification to the user and the system does not stop the PO from going ahead. If the supplier has been marked as failing the evaluation Aerotrack will not allow the user to raise a PO against the supplier name.

Security Settings

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Access to amend the evaluation status of a supplier is restricted as not all staff will have the authorisation to approve a supplier. The Application Manager can give permissions to edit the evaluation status from within the User Account section. Checking the “Edit Evaluation” box within the Suppliers section of the users security settings will allow them to make changes in this section. Any changes made to the security settings will only take effect after the next time the user logs in to the system.